This time last year…

Not one day passes where we don’t play this game called “Do you remember what we did this time last year?” I love playing this game because it brings back many fond memories. There are also not many days where we wish we could go back and do it all over again.

And sometimes we wish we could go back for unfinished business. One of the climbs I’d love to give another crack is Muro di Sormano near Como. It was still early days of our European adventure. I unclipped half way up, got going again but the gradient was punishing and when I saw Alberto rolling back down, I gave up mentally. Sometimes I wonder if I had managed to ride all the way to the top at the end of the trip, after I had mastered the Passo di Fedaia, the Col de Marie Blanque or the Bola del Mundo and El Angliru in Spain, climbs that would have prepared me well for the Muro. But on 7th May 2012 I only made it half way up before we turned around around and took the actual road.

Muro di Sormano from Jered Gruber on Vimeo.


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  1. Chikashi

    Crazy climb…

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