n + 1

The ideal number of bikes to have is n + 1 with “n” the number of bikes you currently own. Truth is, I went n – 1 a couple of weeks ago. I sold my old mountain bike. It was a case of wanting to hit the trails but the good old trusty Mango Giant wasn’t cutting it anymore.

But at least I’m now back to n – 1 + 1 = n. And “n” in my case is four!

When I first heard about 29ers I thought it was a fad. But everybody is still talking about those bikes so when it came to choosing a new mountain bike I looked a bit deeper into it. Why choose a mountain bike with 29 inch wheels rather than the standard 26 inch?

I asked a German friend of mine who knows a thing or two about mountain bikes. This is what he had to say:

“In 99% of cases, a 29er is the first choice when it comes to hardtail mountain bikes. It rolls better over any obstacle. On a steep section of a hill, the front wheel won’t lift as easily, and on the downhill you don’t feel like “going over the handlebars”. And what you shouldn’t forget, it also rolls better on sealed roads. It’s almost like an “egg-laying woolmilkpig”.”

So I went and ordered a Focus Black Forest 29R 3.0 and guess what? Now my courage and single track skills have to catch up with what this bike can do…

What’s your “n” and maybe even more importantly, what will be your next +1?





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7 responses to “n + 1

  1. sadly I am too little to ride a 29er, but I am also too chicken to ride single track, so it doesn’t matter much. I still have 4 bikes though…

    • I’m a chicken, too, when it comes to single track. Wide fire trails are my fav at the moment. Walked most of that single track that we accidentally ended up on… but I have hope that I will gain some mad skills and confidence with time and practice. Having a laugh and awesome fun between now and then… Highly recommend! Maybe a 26″ mtb could be your next +1? 😉

  2. Jo

    Ooh look at you going back to your roots, glad to see the new addition 😉
    Will be interested to see what you think. To play devil’s advocate, is an ‘easier’ ride necessarily better? Does it mean the rider doesn’t have to bother to improve his/her bike skills? (not that I’m saying you need to!).
    As for me, n = 3 and quite enough bike-washing* as it is, no hankering for another one, unless it comes with its own butler!

    *Purely theoretical, I spend more time guilty about the state they’re in, than actually caring for them…

    • Jo, how are you? You should have seen me squirting around each puddle for the first ten minutes of my first ride. Didn’t want to get the sparkling new shiny bike dirty… LOL And oh yes, I need to improve my skills. Or is it a case of developing non-existing skills? Easier is always better… it translates into more speed, or better handling, or just plain more fun! 😉

      • Jo

        Hello S, I tried to email you on the address I had a few years ago, but it got returned. Would be good to catch up on our respective ‘journeys’ 😉

  3. Andy in Germany

    I think I’m on my max of N+1 (+1+1 bikes in bits in the cellar as I can’t bear to let old ‘scrap’ bikes get thrown in the trash…)

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