The Project Bike

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Ever since I bought my Canyon, the Time Edge has only seen 1260km of road (vs 10,590km that I rode the Canyon and a few hundred kilometres on the Fixie). That’s fairly normal.

But whenever I do take the Time out for a ride, I love the feeling of riding that bike. It just fits me like an old glove. It feels comfortable. It absorbs the road vibration far better than the Aeroad. The Aeroad is a much faster bike. The Aeroad allows me to score Personal Bests and I would never even attempt to take the Time up McAfees if I’m aiming for a personal Strava record.

The Powertap wheels are heavy and make the Time handle like a tank. But downloading the data and seeing the power numbers is still fun, even though I’m not training. Old habits die hard.

In Europe I got to appreciate my compact gearing. I raved about the advantages of compact vs normal gearing in the past. You probably guessed it already, the Time has normal gearing. The 39/25 feels like a hard slog up McAfees and I miss spinning up the mountain in my Canyon’s 34/27.

And there is another issue. What was once a shiny white background behind the bright red letters on the decals is now a faded, sun-bleached yellow. It makes the bike look tired and worn.

But despite all this, I’m not ready to part with the Time Edge.

What to do with an old bike that has some flaws but that is like a familiar and trusted old friend? It’s not the kind of bike that suited to a second lease of life in Africa. I’m not ready to just sell it either.

Alberto painted his Cervelo a while ago and it’s a marvellous looking thing. And ever since I read Robert Penn’s It’s all about the bike I dream about building a custom bike. Every cyclist has a project bike, right? And so the Time Edge became my project bike.

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Creating the project spreadsheet and researching all the options has turned out to be great fun. Reading magazines and internet product reviews has brought my product knowledge up to speed. Who would have thought there are so many group sets out there to choose from? I compared weight and prices, and I had no idea that there were hundreds of wheels out there… and that’s just Mavic. My brain went all dizzy with colour and paint job ideas.

I wanted the Time to become a fresh looking and lighter bike with compact group set that I can enjoy riding for hours on long, easy Sunday rides. And after all the research I now have a fairly good idea that I will go with

a) Dura Ace 7900 compact because I loved this group set on my first Canyon and it is the cheapest option considering weight.

b) Mavic Ksyrium SLR or R-SYS SL because these wheels are light and stiff and roll well.

c) And a custom designed paint job with dark grey, light grey and some red and white for a fresh look.

This project would set me back about $3500 and now that all the research is done, I’m just not sure anymore whether I want to go ahead and actually do it. Maybe I should just put up with the flaws and enjoy riding the Time as it is, for a few more years, on rainy days like today, and save the $3500 and continue researching and put the money towards a complete new custom bike in a couple of year’s time?

A Pegoretti maybe? One day?



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3 responses to “The Project Bike

  1. Chikashi

    I would save it for a new build. It would also mean more bikes!

  2. Chikashi – Yes, I have pretty much made up my mind to keep the Time as is and put the money towards a new custom bike in a couple of years’ time. In the meantime I just keep researching. 🙂 As far as “more bikes” is concerned, I’ve got a new bike coming next week… stay tuned. 😉

  3. bikesgonewild

    …bicycles being bicycles, there’s just something inherently fascinating about any of them, but a custom made bike designed around ones physical & conceptual needs oft goes beyond ones imagination once set up w/ the right gruppo, equipment & wheelset & rolling down the road…

    …you’re smart to wait & afford yourself the treasure you deserve…


    …hi, groover…it’s been a while, ya ???…

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